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A Green bright spot on the horizon has been the huge success of farmerís markets throughout the country. Providing direct customer access for the small local food producer, it is a marvel of efficiency. Low transportation costs, freshness of product, opportunity for socializing, and greater return for the farmer all contribute to a new vision of how food production might be improved. Following this thread, Green Broad Ripple (GBR) has organized on a new initiative. On Friday, May 30, 2008, on a half lot on 61st Street between Guilford and Winthrop, the first Green Broad Ripple Urban Garden was established. The lot has been owned and gardened for years by Candace so profuse vegetables and flowers growing on this lot will not present anything new. What is new is that Candace has joined Morgan in co-chairing a GBR Urban Garden Committee. The intent will be to build connections between local gardeners and Broad Ripple restaurants so that more and more of the produce used in Broad Ripple is grown in Broad Ripple.

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