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[Green Questions and Answers]
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 What is "Green"
 "Green" is a popular term for the overarching concept of living life more naturally and in harmony with the Earth. It encompasses, in part, concepts of Sustainability, Preservation, Smart Growth, New Urbanism, Green Building, and Social Justice.

 What is meant by "Sustainability".
 GBR's definition of sustainability is simpy to create human systems that do not contribute to resource loss, but provide our community with all its needs while simultaneously improving the natural world. GBR prides itself on designing community projects that use the principles of systems thinking and deep ecology. Sustainability for us is not a choice but a must for our neighborhood to endure.

 What is a raingarden?
 A raingarden is a landscape feature used to infiltrate extra stormwater that is produced from runoff. Raingardens are often comprised of native plants that also help to attract birds and butterflies to the garden.

 I just heard that Indianapolis recycling bins take glass to the landfill rather than recycling it. Is there a place in Broad Ripple where I can take my glass to be recycled?
 Your glass can be taken to the collection bin located behind Union Jack Pub at 924 Broad Ripple Avenue. Please place only glass food container items including bottles and jars. These materials will be recycled back into food containers.

 Broad Ripple main street & several of it's side streets are devoid of any trees or green areas ( making them look unappealing year round & hot in the summer ) Are there any plans underway to GREEN/Tree them in a more pleasant way ?
 In a way, there is. Currently, GBR is working with the City of Indianapolis on new strategies for public space improvements in both the short-term and long-term. As new buildings are built, sidewalks and other public infrastructure are rehabilitated, new codes will require green space and tree installation within the public spaces of our streets. In the short term, GBR volunteers have planted the median at the Monon intersection with Broad Ripple Ave. These flowers are purple and white, Broad Ripple's official colors. We will continue to improve and maintain this median. Please email us if you have specific ideas on ways to improve our streetscapes. Thank you for your question.

 I have heard of a group of folks, I believe in Broad Ripple, who discuss the group's preferences with local retail businesses and promise patronage if the business responds to their requests. Have you heard of this group? Who are they?
 You may be talking about Midtown Loves Local. It is a campaign that was started by members of the former HARMONI organization and BRVA members. More information can be found here:
I hope that is helpful.

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