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11-15-2014 Bill Brink Memorial Garden tree planting
Please join us from 9am -12pm at the Indianapolis Art Center and help us install 88 native trees and shrubs along the Monon Trail as part of Phase 1 of the Bill Brink Memorial Garden. Perk-Up Café wi...

Bill Brink Memorial Garden

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03-02-2009 Broad Ripple Gazette Articles
Broad Ripple Village is a near North neighborhood of Indianapolis, Indiana. It is a rich and complex community largely because, through the years, it has attracted and accommodated the unusual, the offbeat, and the independent along with the traditionalist, the established and the pragmatic. There is always a myriad of activity in Broad Ripple: art, poetry, live music, fine dining, bars, quick food, spas and salons, unique mom and pop shops, grocery stores … all comprise the elements that make urban life desirable.

The other face of Broad Ripple is the one most appreciated by its residence – the village ambiance. Quaint cottages and bungalows arranged along quiet streets shaded by mature trees which hearkens back to a slower more natural way of life for which many of us in our hurried culture hold a deep longing. This, in conjunction with the White River, the Water Company Canal, the Monon Trail and numerous parks points to the strong connection Broad Ripple has to Mother Nature. Broad Ripple has a Green soul.

Green Broad Ripple Inc.

Green Broad Ripple, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the notion that it is timely, appropriate, and visionary for Broad Ripple, now, to declare itself the first Green Community in Indianapolis.


To enhance the Greater Broad Ripple Community by promoting a healthful, productive, and fulfilling quality of life through; community education, promotion of “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle” practices, and development of a neighborhood “Town Plan” toward a more sustainable future.

Natures Crossroads


Broad Ripple Village is a real community that has suffered, like many other communities, from the industrialization of life. We are working to move our community toward sustainability and respect for nature. Yet we know that sustainability is not possible unless the whole World adopts it. Although Green Broad Ripple’s focus is local, our vision is Global – we are changing the world the best way we know - by changing one community at a time starting with our own.

If you live in Broad Ripple and you want to change our community.
If you live elsewhere and you want to change the World.
Support our efforts by joining our organization.

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